Sand, Sun, my Girls, and a Whole Lot of Key Lime

Those who know me know that I love the beach. My boss even bought me a “my heart is at the beach” sign for my desk at work two years ago for Christmas. It’s my happy place, where I can blissfully check out for a few days and truly relax in every sense of the word. I grab a chair, a cooler, sunblock, and a good book and park it literally from after breakfast til dinner.

I was supposed to head to Key West in September with my girls for our annual “mom’s break” trip, but Hurricane Irma had other ideas. So, we postponed and rebooked for Clearwater area – Madeira Beach (although only three of us out of the seven could make it this time). I grew up going to Madeira Beach/ Indian Rocks Beach area with my family. It’s a stretch of gorgeous sand, clear water, and great restaurants, and super family friendly. As it turns out, it’s also a great place for a bunch of 30-something-year-old moms to decompress without their kids nagging them for a pb&j or God knows whatever else.

(Photo credit to G)

We arrived on Thursday and stayed til Monday, which was the perfect vacation. I started a new book, The Secrets of Rome, and drank a whole lot of piña coladas, pineapple and rum, and wine. Oh, and mimosas/ bellini’s every morning. There were lots of cheese puffs consumed (don’t ask; it’s a girls trip tradition). And of course the time spent with the girls was top notch. Oh, and did I mention key lime pie? Cause there was plenty of it, including in my key lime piña colada at dinner the first night! 😋🍍😍Such a much needed break and I’m excited to plan another beach trip with the girls soon. I also decided to bring the kids to Madeira Beach next summer, so they can enjoy my childhood haunt.


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